by Quone

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released January 6, 2013

Recorded by Androo Leipurts at Skramden Yards in November/December 2012



all rights reserved


Quone Toronto, Ontario

Darren, Rohan, Selvin, Mark, Ben

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Track Name: Spare Me The Pleasant Trees
Serpent tongues, empowered mouths,
They fill my speech with poison,
Pockets lined by traitor’s flags,
We refuse to speak,

Forge your own strength,
You are not what you are,
But what you can become,

If I could speak for you,
I would grant you strength for both of us,
If I could speak into your past,
I promise I would speak it away,
But I can’t give you the courage,
That you will need to fight the coming battle,
So carve your own heart,
Cut it and shape it yourself.
Track Name: Bonesaw vs. Karl Malone
When we refuse to speak,
We forget ourselves,
We forsake the strength,
That we sought all our lives,

Forge your own strength,

Don’t forget your heart,
The cross that you hold,
Will not cease to weigh you down,
Forsake the cage that claim you owe them for,
You’re stronger than this,

I can’t fight all alone,
I don’t want to die,
The dead don’t speak.
Track Name: Choreographed Dance Moves
Cut and shape your heart,
Out of the courage,
That exists not in what you are,
But what you can be,

We can become,
All that all we are capable of,
But I relinquish your path,
Breeding death before demise,

Death seeks us at all times,
Taking flight with your instruments of control and fear,
A moment in time, never still, and I can see our possibilities,
Held back by chains assembled by the pattern of us,

Patterns of us failing ourselves,
Worlds weighed under our choices.
Track Name: We Are a Metal Band
There is no sound I'm trying to remember,
When there are so many I'm failing to forget.